11 March 2008


What a fun word.
In fact, one of my favorite words.
When I first heard the word, I thought someone was inventing it to fit the mood of their speech. Brouhaha is in the dictionary, but some classify it as an onomatopoeia, so I guess that my initial reaction to the word must not have been too far off. 
My friends and I all have a mild infatuation with the word, compliments of our History teacher, so now we play somewhat of a "Where's Waldo?" game with the word. I was ecstatic after seeing the word used in Time Magazine last week. I paraded the issue, showing it off to my quirky friends as if it were some kind of trophy, all because of one single word. The article, being from Time, wasn't the best, but that single word made it phenomenal.
If you have any other favorite words, feel free to post them for the edification of all.

-P. I. Lumen

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