21 May 2008

Corporate Propaganda At Work

BBC 20 May 2008: "Smoothies 'can damage your teeth' "

I am confounded. One of the top five most emailed stories on the BBC's website is a story about fruit smoothies being dangerous because they contain sugar and acid that corrode teeth. Last I checked, people sucking down liquid sugar drinks like Coke or Pepsi that have enough carbon dioxide dissolved in them to be about as acidic as a lemon was a greater problem. Fruits are a healthy part of a diet, and teeth are made to be functional, not ornamental. This article is only discouraging consumption of healthier beverages when average people chug down sodas to no end. The article's sources are scientists making unsubstantiated and subjective assertions. Research or esteemed scientific journals, such as Nature, are not quoted to describe the effects of smoothies upon teeth. This article is propaganda that is discouraging our ailing world from consuming a healthy diet.

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Thomas F. said...

You should look at your smoothie before you assert that it is healthy. Most conveniently offer you half (or more) of your recommended daily calories.

If you want to up your fruit intake, just eat more fruit. No need to blend it with whole milk derived yogurt and loads of sugar to sweeten.