13 August 2008

Honor and Remember Flag

Well, it appears that some radicals are championing another worthless and time-wasting cause. They are attempting to get a flag (above), called the Honor and Remember Flag, officially recognized by Congress. The flag will honor fallen servicemen and servicewomen. Unfortunately, the concept itself is very un-American. For generations, patriotic Americans have stuck to the American flag as a symbol of national unity and remembrance of the past. The flag itself has its roots in the Second Continental Congress, meaning that the design precedes even the Constitution. The flag's thirteen stripes recognize the thirteen colonies that are the roots of the United States, but the stripes abstractly recognize all that has come to form our current union. Fallen soldiers have fought on behalf of this flag for generations, and todays soldiers proudly display it on their right soldier. Should the fallen soldiers of the United States not be honored by the flag that they fell upholding?
In addition to the flawed ideology behind this project, the Honor and Remember Flag itself could use some aesthetic improvements. The predominantly red background and large yellow star are reminiscent of one flat that many American servicemen fought to obliterate.

In conclusion, Americans of all walks of life and duties have lived under Old Glory. The flag is a symbol of everything American, and is proudly displayed on uniforms, on buildings, on Olympic uniforms, on space ships, on cars and on coffins. No group should try to create a fallacious facade for fallen warriors, no group should steal time from Congress that could be used to save the lives of current American soldiers, and no group should try to deface the glorious symbol of the United States of America.

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